Today, almost every business management uses computer-assisted tools to perform important tasks : client database management, people management, sales performance follow-up, statistical studies, etc.

  • Here at ExcelTab, we believe that Excel tools are part of the best tools to use for day-to-day business management. Why Excel, you say ?
  • Excel is already installed on most of the computers. You, your colleagues, your business, everybody is familiar with it. An Excel solution is thus fast, because specific training is not required, and cheap, because you already have the software. In addition, no need for expensive additional costs to customize your Excel tools. You can easily modify the colors, the pictures and the contents to your preferences. Bottom line, you are the owner of your tool.
  • Excel, and the associated code language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), offer an outstanding flexibility compared to other softwares. Our Excel solutions are quickly developed, and are tailored to meet your exact needs. A well-designed Excel solution also offers a high level of reliability that allow you to work in a safe environment, without any risk of losing data.
  • Finally, the Excel macros allow to automate almost everything: sending emails, calculate interests, sorting lists following your criteria, remotely opening and closing other files, etc. This powerful automation prevents human errors from occurring, and offers you the comfort on working on what is really important : your core business.

For those reasons, we have specialized ourselves in the creation of tailored excel solutions, automated and user-friendly, adjusted to your needs and, more important, to your budget.

You would be surprised to discover the full potential of Excel… so don’t be afraid to ask us !

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