Are you the owner or user of an Excel file that does not work like it should? Or at least not how you want it to work?

  • Error messages pop up with no reasons
  • Your modifications are not saved
  • The file is running really slow
  • The print result does not look like what is shown on screen
  • The cell formats change on their own
  • You lost the passwords protecting the file
  • You want to add automatic buttons to do routine job for you 

If this speaks to you, then this service is just what you need! 

Just send us your file by completing the form below. We will analyze your request, and will forward you an estimation of the time required to completely fix your file.

This estimation is totally free!

If you agree with our prices, just let us know. We take care of everything! As soon as we receive your approval, we will start working on your file, and we will send it back to you by email once or job is done !

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